You're as cold as ice

Gifty revealed to Biggie that she was finished with Soma as soon as he was out of the door on Sunday. The problem with, as she said “treating the Big Brother House like a dormitory” is that the other’s are treating it like Home. Could this come back to bite her as she is up for Eviction this Sunday?

Gifty tried her best to bait ThinTallTony into a langurous kiss but ThinTallTony perfectly played her and made her want more and he only gave her  a taste of his honey with his eyes more on TBoss than anyone else.

 She fascinates him and he seems to fascinate her, as their steamy conversation went later on in the evening. Efe informed CoCoIce that he would have sex, even in the toilet. Gifty goes from Bassey to ThinTallTony but Kemen has his eyes and heart set on Uriel, asking her to give him a chance. “I promise not to let the relationship go haywire” he said. Uriel then told him taht he and Gifty looked so cute together. Poor Kemen, is he biting off more thban he can chew? He has his work cut out for him as she concluded their heart to heart saying that “I’m too big for you.”

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