Whispers in the quiet night

Big Brother Naija – Kemen poured his heart out to Marvis telling her that he felt that Uriel really liked him but was afraid of falling in love with him. Marvis kept trying to get him to open up more by playing devil’s advocate. Little did he know that Uriel had told Biggie earlier that Kemen would be the last person on earth she would think of dating and that she would rather remain single. We guess that he won’t be getting any Valentine’s Day gifts from Uriel.

ThinTallTony was also in a heart to heart with Bisola about his childhood and his mother while Gifty got under the covers and answered Bally’s questions. Bally wanted to know if she had ever been unfaitful and she said “Only once.” She then went on to say that she didn’t like “weak men,” “You’re telling me no, I say yes” meaning that she wanted a man to fight for her.

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