"We've got a wedding to plan"

With the Housemates having lost their Wager last week, they decided to go all-in again and bet 100% on making a success of this week’s BBWedding Theme. They still had the small matter of who would be the new Head of House. Biggie told the Housemates that they had struggled in the more physical challenges recently and had decided to give them a game of chance instead.

They first had to pick a number from a hat and go in that order and pick an egg from the box. If they didn’t get the Golden Egg that was in there, they had to break the egg on their head. ThinTallTony’s lucky streak continued as he triumphantly held the Golden Egg like trophy as he won the Head of House title again for the second week running. It was sad for him as there was no Voting this week and for the second week running he would not be able to exercise the “save and replace” during Nominations.

Bringing the House back to the BBWedding theme of the week, Biggie Tasked the Housemates to create a menu for this week’s “Perfect, Nigerian Big Brother Wedding.” They wasted no time in choosing their favorite Nigerian ingredients of Jollof rice, egusi, palm wine and moi moi. With so many suggestions offered up, Igwe TTT suggested that they organise everything into “Traditional and “Desert.”

A bit later, Bisola, who was in fine form, had everyone in stitches as she went around campaigning for likes. She sang a beautiful song for Debie-Rise, with Debie playing her guitar, she was joined by Efe who improvised a rap for her. Bally was more circumspect in his campaign and he said that everyone should just Vote for the Housemates that were the least threat to them.

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