Biggie made the Housemates do their most uncomfortable thing yet by being paired together in #BBOnseies. These two must have been the most relieved, well, make it one person, CoCoIce. All the other Housemates took to the task in a concilliatory way and when Biggie announced that the Housemates needed to take off their onesies and get ready for their Diary Sessions some remained in their onseies on the beds snuggled up together,

Uriel curled ¬†up into Bally’s bodyas did ThinTallTony and Bisola. Not everyone was happy in their pairings. CoCoIce looked as if she would rather be on Mars than chained to Kemen, who looked like the cat who swallowed the canary! CoCoIce smoked her way agitatedly through the Task and even when resting on Kemen’s manly chest, her feet told a different story, stretched as far away from his legs as possible.

All in all, the House was introduced to TBass, who seemed to enjoy each others company a lot and this could be a new power couple to watch in the House. We are only a few days into the new week and already Big Brother has been ram,ping up the fun and the antse. Don’t forget to Vote to keep your favourite Housemate in the House out of the following: Bisola, Bassey, CoCoIce, Debie-Rise and Gifty.

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