Marfe are your Bride & Groom!You voted and we listened! The final results are in and you decided that you wanted Marvis to be the blushing Bride and Efe to be your dashing groom for the big wedding on Thursday! Head of House, TTT broke the news and Marvis and Efe were completely shocked. Marvis laughed and screamed “oh no!” while Efe said he thought the viewers were going to vote for a “fine boy!”. Everyone on social was quick to point out that he was!

With the main couple determined Biggie asked them to pick the rest of the roles that they would play for the rest of the week! Bisola and TTT agreed to be the mother and father of the bride and immediately got into character making jokes about getting frisky after the mock meeting. Bassey got asked to be Efe’s dad but protested saying he was “too young” so Bally stepped up and took the roll instead. Bassey settled for MC instead.

Debie-Rise played the popstar and temptress who has a seven year old secret that could ruin the wedding and kept flirting with Efe! Tboss took the role of Designer and Chef for the big soiree! The Housemates are already in character and the plot is thickening with new twists and turns happening whith each conversation. Keep it locked to our social media feeds for more updates.

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