Love, Strategy, Skills and a King

Big Brother Naija – Day one in Biggie’s House has been very eventful so far, and if we can use that as a yard stick to measure the next 11 weeks, then we are in for a hilarious and frenzied ride. We have seen possible love angles develop, witnessed some of the Housemates showing off their cooking skills, others just seem to be professional cheer leaders motivating their fellow Housemates, and we have crowned our first head of House as King. His name, Efe.

So far, Miyonse and Soma seem to be vying for the title of Mr Ladies man, with Gifty and TBoss caught in the middle of this developing love quadrangle. Wait a minute, our new HOH, King Efe seems to have a seemingly veiled interest in Tboss as he babysits her in the kitchen.

Biggie hasn’t been lenient with his tasks and now the Housemates understand that the game is on.

Biggie has instructed HOH Efe and the other Housemates that anyone who wants to dethrone the current HoH can do so; but he warns that this coup can only be performed with guile and cunning. The HoH can take off his royal ornaments, but he should keep them locked up in the royal box. Losing the key to this box will mean that whoever has the keys, and opens the box will automatically become the new HoH. It would be interesting to see how this plays out because we are sure that all the other Housemates will be secretly scheming to become HoH.

Benefits of being the HoH? Guaranteed immunity from the next elimination; or guaranteed safety for a love crush, or potential friend in the house.

The dairy sessions shall unwittingly unveil what strategies our Housemates may have to guarantee they end up as the last Housemate standing.

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