On Monday night Biggie nullified ALL nominations due to conspiring before revealing that he’d be the one deciding who gets nominated this week. In reality, there was no voting at all but that hasn’t stopped the Housemates from leaving nothing unsaid and keeping the public entertained with all sorts of drama just in case they go!

The last 24 hours have been characterised by more tears, fights, breakdowns and spicy revelations than we’ve seen all season.

No more playing nice

First Bally and TBoss got into a heated fight after the former forgot to flush the loo. Things got so bad the other Housemates had to intervene and pull them apart as f-bombs flew back and forth! They later apologised but peace didn’t last long.

Next was Efe who used the Confession game to reveal that he thinks Uriel’s too confrontational and never wants to back down when there’s a misunderstanding.Uriel immediately clapped back and told him he didn’t have a right to dictate to her how she ought to feel about being disrespected. She then recounted how men yelling at her was something that hurt her deeply as it reminded her of a traumatic altercation in which she’d almost gotten raped.

Efe wasn’t done yet though as he and TBoss got into it after he called her a “b*tch” and “stupid”. He insisted he was joking but she was having none of it and told him in no uncertain terms that they were “DONE’! She told him to keep to himself and that they’d only cooporate for the sake of winning wagers! Efe said it was cool but as he began his next point about being “an educated graduate” TBoss quipped that his education was “wasted”, something that really didn’t sit well with Efe!”


It wasn’t all gloom and doom though. Some Housemates reacted by making sure they let everyone know how they feel before they leave. Debie-Rise confessed her feelings to Bassey who said he was in a foul mood and went to bed leaving her alone with her drink, watching him sleep. Uriel threw a spanner in the works this morning by confessing that she also liked Bassey but was worrried about his relationship with Debie-Rise. “You bond is the closest in the House!” she confessed.

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