In the confession boxBig Brother Naija – During today’s Diary Sessions, Bally fully held onto the power of positive thinking, saying it had brought him this far. He said so oozing good mood and confidence. Yet with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over his head, he admitted that he’s keeping his fingers crossed as a sign that he was after all, a good sport.

Biggie asked the smiley Kemen who had he been humming the lyrics “how am I supposed to live without you” for? Choosing to keep this corner of his heart untouched, Kemen paused and offered his brightest smile in response. He then went onto share the insights gained from observing his fellow Housemates: he was concerned that alcohol was Efe’s weak spot and shared his surprise at Head of House Uriel’s smarted than anticipated game.

The usually composed CoCoIce looked dejected and felt like the Big Brother experience was surreal: she was emotional and said she had chosen to sleep the anger away to keep riding on the nice, fun mood of the House.

Yet she confessed having mixed feelings and increasingly resenting Gifty‘s attitudes saying they ‘were not brought up the same way’.

It is as if CoCoIce had sensed that three Housemates had put her name forward for ejection.

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