Housemates get Whipped out of shape

With the morning’s workout done, and breakfast almost finished, the Housemates sat around the dining table still in character for the upcoming wedding Task, until Big Brother’s voice boomed over the PA system instructing the Housemates to freeze.

They all froze on the spot not knowing what Biggie had in mind but the silence was interrupted with the footfalls of a ninja as he walked in and slammed rolls of tissue paper on the table. This was only some sort of introduction as the ninja miraculously produced bottles of whipped cream and proceeded to cover the Housemates with the foamy sugary contents of the bottles.

With all the seven seated Housemates covered, the ninja walked into the closet area where Debie-Rise stood frozen in front of her favourite spot, the mirror. The ninja didn’t consider the fact that she had just come out of the bath, and proceeded to cover her in whipped cream too, even spraying some under her shower cap directly onto her hair.

Big Brother told the Housemates to unfreeze and shouts of “Ha, Big Brother, you nor try oh” and “I just had a bath Big Brother” rang out all through the House. The ladies were not too impressed with all the whipped cream they had to get out of their hair, and they guys jokingly added that the next ninja that walks into the House to prank them will he held back as hostage and the other ninjas would have to come rescue their compadre.

Seemed the Housemates were just blowing steam because as soon as they were cleaned up, Biggie’s voice came over the PA system again instructing them to freeze. In walked a sexy ninja with two bottles of whipped cream and went about spraying the Housemates again with whipped cream. The ninja catwalked and sashayed all through the House leaving a trail of whipped cream wherever she went. It seemes the only Housemate who escaped this ninja’s wrath was TBoss who was in the shower.

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