Happiness trending!For most of our Housemates the stress of potentially getting Evicted has been a constant fear for two weeks straight and it shows. Now they’re back to relaxing and enjoying one another’s company.

“See Gobbe!” hasn’t turned out to be an empty promise with Big Brother really putting our Housemates through the ringer and for a moment it seemed like their resolve was starting to falter. After two, strong performances in a row they lost their wager, failng to impress Biggie in the final presentation. Dj Waxxy’s party on Saturday did a great deal to lift their spirits but once again things mellowed and everyone went to bed with no truths spoken and no dares taken.

Enter Wedding Week and it’s clear that preparing for Thursday’s festivities while stressful, has done a great deal to rekindle joy and comradery. The Housemates had a blast last night playing their different wedding characters particularly TTT and Bisola who had everyone laughing til bed time. Any icy tensions that had developed in weeks past were forced to thaw as everyone had to improvise and show off their acting chops.

For a while things had become tense between TTT and TBoss ever since she figured out that he might have been trying to seduce her as part of his play. That said, even they are back on friendly terms again. He snuck up behind her and placed his ice cold hands on her sides making her jump into his arms from the shock. It was just like old times again.

After all the clowning around was done the two off them made dinner with Bisola all the while noting how they would miss Uriel’s cooking. Everyone gathered in the kitchen for the “delicious” dinner, (sweet potato and a chicken stew) before dipping into the Jacuzzi to chat and relax.

TTT, who seemed to have been avoiding Bisola for a while now sat down with her talking candidly about his sex life. He revealed that he could be celibate up to six months if he was swamped with work. TBoss cut their conversation short when she came to get her revenge for TTT’s prank earlier placing her ice cold hands on TTT’s belly. This time however, she had a very excited accomplice to help hold him down!

It’s great to see our Housemates back in high spirits but who will become too comfortable and get caught slipping when Biggie turns up the heat up again next week! This is after all, a competition for 25 Million Naira and only the most tenacious Housemates who remain focused in good times and bad will make it to the end. That said, are you loving the vibe too? Let us know after the jump.

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