Bonding while blindfoldedStill in the Theme for the week, Biggie told the Housemates to prepare for their first Arena Task for today which includes bowls of ice cream and blindfolds. As the Housemates walked into the Arena and saw the layout, they all started jumping to conclusions about what the Task entailed with some of them hinting at the possibilities of painting each other with the ice cream. Guess the whipped cream pranks played by Biggie and his ninjas were still very fresh in their minds.

Biggie instructed them to sit in front of their name tags and the person seated across them was their partner for this Task. This was their pairings

With the pairs seated and their blindfolds placed across their eyes, the sound of the buzzer signified the beginning of the Task. The rules of this Task was very simple the Housemates were to feed their partners with the ice cream and vice versa without touching each other and they were not allowed to make any mess. Biggie reiterated that this was NOT a speed Task but the Housemates were expected to rely on perception and skill.

Biggie’s voice sounded on the PA system signalling the end to the Task, and naming the pairings of Efe and Marvis as the winners. After Biggie made the OTHER Housemates clap for the winners, Biggie also told them that there was going to be a reward for the winning pair. Seems to be a good week so far for Marvis as she won an advantage card yesterday and now, she is in line for a reward from Biggie for excelling in the Ice cream Task.

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