Biggie’s First Twist!

Big Brother Naija – Though the Housemates are oblivious of the fact, Biggie gave them a serious task for the week; they will be playing for “Likes”.

All gathered in the garden, Big Brother told the Housemates that the two with the least amount of likes will be evicted from the Big Brother House in the culmination of this week’s theme “Proudly Naija”. Housemates will be expected to showcase their own unique brand as a Nigerian. What makes them Nigerian?

The 12 Housemates all come from diverse backgrounds and by sharing who they are, they will allow their fellow Housemates and the viewers to learn about what each one is bringing to the show. “Housemates will also be expected to use their time outside of tasks to teach each other about their specific cultures,” Big Brother said.

Biggie added that; “As you all know every week housemates will be evicted from Big Brother’s House.  This week over and above the tasks you will be given you will all be playing for ‘likes’ from your fellow housemates.  The two Housemates with the least amount of likes will be going home”.

Fear was written all over their faces but what the Housemates don’t know is that the week’s Task is just meant for them to get to know each other, no one will be evicted but instead, two more Housemates will be joining the House. This is what Nigeria thouht about the twist:

Once Biggie was done, Marvis and Kemen were seen taking long swigs from their bottles befire Marvin settled in for a chat with Meyonse in the garden.  Diving right into the Task at hand, the two started their conversation by decoding their names; “my uncle gave me this name,” Marvis said as she explained.

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