After the reggae, play the bluesWith the truth or dare games winding down, some of the Housemates decided it was time to call it a day and went to bed. However, a few decided it was time to pair up with their crushes, with Gifty and Bally sharing a kiss that shamed and silenced everybody else.

Kemen decided to go wake up Debie-Rise for a midnight chat about the birds and the bees, after he got dropped by Gifty who teased him about giving him blow job.

The drama in the House came to a head when the Housemates realized that the pot of brew had gone missing, with Captain Efe, ThinTallTony and Marvis accusing Bisola of hiding the pot of brew.

After an intense search of the House, the pot was found and it’s content quickly guzzled; and then the accusations began. WHo stole the pot of brew? It turns out Bassey was the one to blame.

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